Competency Framework

Competency Wheel

The ComReg Competency Wheel summarises the Competency Framework. In order to ensure consistency across the recruitment process, all competencies used during recruitment and selection at ComReg can now be derived from the Framework, which includes the following components;

  • Nine attributes*
  • Three overarching competency clusters
  • Eleven core competencies
  • Five ComReg Values*


Competency Framework Wheel *The attributes and values are applicable to all ComReg employees and not directly related to specific competencies, levels or clusters.

Click here for our Competency Framework.

What is a Competency Framework?

A Competency describes the critical knowledge, skills, abilities that individuals are expected to demonstrate.

A Competency Framework can be described as the library that holds and organises the descriptions of behaviours applicable at all levels for all roles.

Why have a Competency Framework?

Common Understanding – Recruitment process is based on identified competencies and required behaviours

Efficiency and Focus – Definition of required behaviours does not need to be re-visited for each vacancy

Transparency – Can define exactly what behaviours are required

Organisational Identity – written in organisational language and iterate the kind of behaviours we value as an organisation and which are required to help us meet our goals

Create foundation – for future initiatives such as building career paths, structuring performance management, designing personal development plans, etcs and required behaviours helping to make it more efficient and focused.