EMC Regulations

Regulatory Information – ECMD

The EMC Directive aims to ensure that electrical and electronic equipment does not generate, and is not affected by, electromagnetic disturbance. The EMC directive limits unintentional electromagnetic emissions from equipment in order to ensure that, when used as intended, such equipment does not disturb radio and telecommunication, as well as other equipment. The directive also governs the immunity of such equipment to interference and seeks to ensure that this equipment is not disturbed by radio emissions, when used as intended.

The EMCD is transposed into Irish law by way of the European Union (Electromagnetic Compatibility) Regulations 2017 (S.I. No. 69/2017) (“EMC Regulations”) and establishes a regulatory framework for placing equipment on the market by setting essential requirements for all equipment.

ComReg is the designated Market Surveillance Authority in respect of the EMC Directive 2014/30/EU (“EMCD”)

Regulatory Obligations

The obligations for placing equipment on the market are set out in full in the EMC Regulations These include:

  • All equipment must have a CE mark fixed on the equipment and a Declaration of Conformity in the packaging
  • All equipment must be accompanied by instructions and safety information