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Annex 8 to ComReg Decision D03/16: Subsequent correspondence from operators

Consultation Submissions
Posted: 18th May 2016
Reference Number: 16/39b
Decision Number: DO3/16

Annex 6 to ComReg Decision D03/16: TERA Report

Consultants Report
Posted: 18th May 2016
Reference Number: 16/39a
Decision Number: DO3/16

Pricing of Eirs Wholesale Fixed Access Services: Response to Consultation Document 15/67 and Final Decision

Posted: 18th May 2016
Reference Number: 16/39
Decision Number: DO3/16

Case 850 Information Notice 15 March 2016

Information Notice
Posted: 15th March 2016
Reference Number: 16/21

Information Notice - ComReg accepts request from Towershouse LLP for the resolution of a dispute with Eircom Ltd

Information Notice,Dispute
Posted: 2nd December 2015
Reference Number: 15/127

Eircom's wholesale access services - Responses to ComReg document 15/67

Consultation Submissions
Posted: 6th November 2015
Reference Number: 15/67s

Access to non-confidential Revised Copper Access Model associated with ComReg Consultation Document 15/67

Information Notice
Posted: 8th September 2015
Reference Number: 15/100

Annex 12 to ComReg Document 15/67: Vodafone submission (Revised)

Posted: 31st August 2015
Reference Number: 15/67cR