Manager, Numbering Policy & Operations

ComReg Overview

We are the statutory body responsible for regulating electronic communications, postal and premium rate services in Ireland. We are a professional, multi-disciplinary organisation, operating in a dynamic telecommunications environment that is constantly evolving. Our Mission – at the heart of everything we do – is to facilitate the development of a competitive communications sector in Ireland that attracts investment, encourages innovation and empowers consumers to choose and use communications services with confidence.

The Numbering Team  

ComReg’s Numbering team manages the National Telecommunications Numbering Scheme in Ireland. The team is responsible for the design of the scheme, and for setting the eligibility criteria and rules for number use, with the objectives of both protecting consumers and also promoting competition. The team also develops and maintains number management systems and assigns numbers to telecoms operators and others.

As networks evolve to all-IP and cloud-based services, our policies, procedures and systems for number management also need to evolve. This need for evolution is also driven by ComReg’s strategy to tackle scam calls and texts. In response, we are expanding our existing numbering team to have the expertise and capacity to develop enhanced numbering policy that takes full account of that strategy. Policy development will improve the use of Caller ID, introduce optimal ‘Know Your Customer’ (KYC) processes within operators, and fully factor number use by cloud communications services.

The augmented Numbering team will also lead the design and delivery of new number management and call authentication systems, in conjunction with our new Network Trust Team. Our goal is to prevent numbers and SIMs ending up in the hands of bad actors in the first instance, and to use our new systems to feed into operators’ voice and SMS firewalls, to ensure they perform optimally. Ultimately, we need to restore trust in numbers, Caller ID and SMS, as our consumer research now shows that consumers have lost trust, texts are being ignored, and calls go unanswered.

The Numbering team will also continue to promote the delivery by operators of new consumer-centric initiatives such as eSIM and Over-the-Air (OTA) provisioning, to revolutionise how we sign up for new mobile and IoT services, and simplify the process of switching between mobile service providers. Finally, the team will continue to introduce new numbering & identifier solutions for emerging services, such as 5G campus networks, and to manage national telephone number changes, as needed.

The Role 

We need an experienced manager to build and lead an expanded Numbering team of five analysts, encompassing both numbering policy and numbering operations roles.

As the manager, your initial objective will be to develop a new national strategy for optimal number management and for call authentication that factors: efficient use of numbers, best practice KYC, ComReg’s overarching strategy to tackle nuisance communications, international developments (e.g. STIR/SHAKEN), and the needs of state-of-the-art voice and SMS firewalls. You will manage the existing team and a new Policy Analyst to assist you in developing this strategy. Your team will consult both publicly and directly with operators and vendors, to finesse this national strategy.

This strategy will in turn feed into a plan for new internal processes, systems and databases, which also factors integration with operator systems and processes. You will be supported in developing this plan by a new Senior Systems and Operations Analyst. The plan may involve the possible amalgamation of multiple existing databases into a single database, that provides the real-time status and user details for each number. The expanded team will then oversee the delivery of these new processes and systems, working in partnership with ComReg’s IT team, or by outsourcing to IT solutions providers.

The team will also be responsible for the delivery and ongoing operation of a national SMS SenderID Registry that ComReg has already committed to providing, in order to safeguard and restore trust in the A2P SMS market.


The Manager, Numbering Policy & Operations will report to the Head of Numbering and Shared Resources, and will be responsible for the following areas and tasks:

  • Build and lead a team of numbering policy, systems and operations experts;
  • Prepare annual unit operating plans and budgets;
  • Evolve ComReg’s numbering policy to fully factor nuisance communications;
  • Monitor operators’ compliance with any revised conditions of use and manage any necessary compliance actions;
  • Develop a national strategy for optimal number management and for call authentication;
  • Conduct public consultations on the strategy and its supporting new systems and processes;
  • Manage the introduction of secure online number assignment systems;
  • Manage the development of a national framework for call authentication;
  • Oversee the introduction of a national SMS Sender ID Registry;
  • If needed, liaise with Government to introduce new legislation that supports a number authentication framework, call traceback or mandatory KYC;
  • Coordinate internally with other units (particularly the Network Trust unit and our Retail Division) on policy, operations, and consumer communications;
  • Contribute to the constant evolution of network-based interventions to block scam calls and SMS; and
  • Manage ComReg’s contribution to international number management policy in CEPT, BEREC and ITU, particularly in light of the growth of nuisance communications.




Qualifications and Experience 

Essential experience/knowledge

  • Honours degree in telecommunications, engineering, IT, or a similar technology or science discipline;
  • Demonstrable management and technical expert level experience, ideally in a telco, equipment vendor, regulatory or consultancy environment;
  • Experience of providing strategic direction in a technical environment;
  • Good knowledge of modern IP-based networks, and of mobile operators’ Business & Operational Support Systems (BSS/OSS);
  • A proven ability to apply strategic thinking and problem-solving techniques to a wide range of theoretical and practical problems;
  • Proven track record of planning and delivering complex projects in a multi-disciplinary environment, to tight deadlines;
  • Excellent written communications skills, with experience of preparing accurate and persuasive documents for publication, or for diverse internal audiences;
  • Strong verbal communication and presentation skills, with the ability to understand and express views within a multi-disciplinary environment;
  • Experience working with and engaging at a senior-level within an organisation and at a senior-level with its external stakeholders; and
  • A high level of motivation and personal initiative.


  • 5 years or more in a team management role, ideally leading a team through significant change;
  • A post-graduate qualification or accreditations in business, economics, IT or project management;
  • Experience of managing teams to deliver online transaction and database solutions in a telecoms environment;
  • Telecoms or IT product management experience;
  • Experience of providing governance to outsourcing partners and service providers;
  • A demonstrable knowledge of the electronic communications network and service sector in Ireland; and
  • Some knowledge of call authentication technologies, fraud management systems and voice/SMS firewalls.


Core Competencies & Skills for the Role 

In addition to your technical qualifications and experience, you will bring professional competencies and skills in the following core areas:

  • Strategy and Leadership: articulates future developments and applies this to operational situations. Creates a climate of cooperation and respect, where people strive to achieve common organisational goals and share knowledge. Takes a broad view.
  • Analytical and Critical Thinking: objectively analyses and evaluates information, in order to identify patterns between situations that are not obviously related. Develops and clearly articulates solutions to complex problems.
  • Decision Making and Judgement: effectively uses evidence to support the decision-making process. Assesses alternative positions while using sound judgement to adapt to specific and challenging requirements of the organisation.
  • Technical Knowledge & Continuous Improvement: Possesses a command over the technical and professional skills for a particular discipline. Keeps an open mind. Demonstrates commitment to continuous professional development.
  • Planning and Organising: establishes and monitors priorities, systematically differentiating between urgent, important and unimportant tasks. Plans and manages activities to consistently deliver results. Meets objectives within agreed predetermined time frames and deals with urgent operational situations expeditiously.
  • Communication and Influencing: communicates clearly, confidently and respectfully. While engaging and influencing others to follow a particular course of action. Ensures all relevant parties are appropriately updated and notified.

Please note  

We hope that our recruitment process supports applications from candidates with diverse backgrounds, experiences and perspectives. We understand that having a diverse workforce contributes to making us stronger as an organisation. We are committed to positively supporting candidates with disabilities.

Please let us know if there are any reasonable accommodations we can make to enable you to take part in the process by creating the environment to give you the best opportunity to show your strengths and competencies. Rest assured that whatever information you disclose will only be used to enable us to provide the necessary support and will never have a bearing on the outcome of the process.

ComReg assesses all applicants fairly based on the requirements for the role. Due to the high volume of applications we receive for positions, we are unable to provide feedback to candidates who are not shortlisted for interview. If you are short-listed for interview, and are subsequently unsuccessful, you can request verbal feedback from your recruitment contact – if you are represented by an agency.

Candidates should note that canvassing will disqualify

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