General Information about Broadcasting

The main role of the broadcasting section of ComReg is to:
• Plan and co-ordinate internationally, in co-operation with other stakeholders, broadcast transmission networks for Ireland
• Input into national broadcasting policy development
• Develop and issue licences to BAI and RTÉ containing rights of use to spectrum for terrestrial TV and radio broadcasts
• Devise new licensing regimes as required and draft appropriate secondary legislation, and
• Monitor and enforce compliance with licence terms and conditions.

Under the 1926 Wireless Telegraphy Act the possession and/or operation of apparatus for wireless telegraphy requires the possession of a licence. ComReg issues licences to RTÉ and BAI in accordance with this Act (equipment) and the Broadcasting Act 2009 (analogue and digital broadcasting).

Main legislation that governs broadcasting in Ireland

Broadcasting Act 2009
The Broadcasting Act 2009 revises the regulatory framework for broadcasting services in Ireland and consolidates all previous broadcasting content related legislation into a single Act. The Act establishes the Broadcasting Authority of Ireland (BAI) (dissolving both the Broadcasting Commission of Ireland (BCI) and the Broadcasting Complaints Commission (BCC) and merging their functions into the BAI. The Act sets out a range of objectives for the BAI, principally to ensure that the number and categories of broadcasting services in the State best serve the needs of the people, that democratic values are upheld, and that broadcasting services are open and pluralistic. The Act also amends and repeals certain enactments in relation to broadcasting, including the previous legislation relating to the implementation of Digital Broadcasting, particularly in respect of the licensing regime for Digital Terrestrial Television (DTT). The Act also updates the law in relation to television licences.

View Broadcasting Act 2009

Wireless Telegraphy Act, 1926
Under this act the possession and operation of apparatus for wireless telegraphy requires the possession of a licence. ComReg issues licences in accordance with this Act (equipment) and the 1988 Broadcasting & Wireless Telegraphy Act.

View Wireless Telegraphy Act, 1926

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