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Numbering Plan for Ireland

The Number Plan for Ireland lists all numbers and codes that are available on public telecommunications networks. These include

Geographic Numbers

Geographic numbers are ordinary PSTN/ISDN telephone numbers linked to a particular geographic location. A document showing the boundaries of Subscriber Trunk Dialling (STD) areas and Minimum Numbering Areas (MNAs) is available on this site (currently ComReg Document 03/147) or you can view the Area code maps online . Licensed operators with geographic number allocations and an OSI license can obtain soft copies of the maps, from which more precise boundaries can be determined, by contacting ComReg’s Numbering Division.

Non-Geographic Numbers & Short Codes

Non-Geographic numbers are numbers where a geographic area is not directly identifiable from the number. The services covered by these numbers include inter alia, free phone, shared-cost services, personal number services, universal access services, premium rate services and IP-based services.

Mobile Numbers

Mobile numbers are typically used within public land mobile telephony networks (e.g. GSM).

The National Numbering Conventions document (currently ComReg 11/17) provides the framework for the overall scheme and is regularly updated by ComReg (usually following a public consultation process). All number holders are obliged to comply with the numbering conventions. Operators and service providers seeking allocations of numbers should obtain a copy of the Numbering Application Procedures and Applications Forms document (currently ComReg 11/18).

ComReg regularly updates the Irish Telephony Numbering Scheme Status Report which lists geographic, non geographic and mobile numbers included in the scheme, along with all access and service codes. The latest version of the status report is document ComReg 11/19.

Number Changes

In order to ensure that adequate reserves of telephone numbers exist for all new customers and services, ComReg regularly audits the usage of existing numbers and keeps an especially close watch where previous audits have identified a potential scarcity.  Number changes are carried out from time to time, when number exhaustion is imminent in an area. The most recent changes occurred in 2003, 2006 and 2009  More detailed information on the 2003, 2005 and 2009 number changes is available here: 

Note: This historical data is being maintained for the moment for the benefit of overseas viewers who may not yet be aware of the number changes affecting their Irish contacts.

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