5.8 GHz Registration

In Ireland, wideband data transmission systems for the provision of fixed wireless access networks/metropolitan area networks (FWA/MAN) in the 5.8GHz (5 725 – 5 875MHz) band are permitted up to a maximum radiated power of 2W eirp on a licence exempt basis.

Operation in the 5.8GHz band is subject to meeting the following conditions:

• Operating Frequency Band: 5 725 – 5 875MHz;
• Maximum permitted radiated power: 100mW/MHz eirp (to a maximum of 2W eirp);
• Registration of operational base stations.
• the operator holds a General Authorisation issued by ComReg.

5.8 GHz Registration Form

Completed documents should be emailed to registrations@comreg.ie

The purpose of the registration process is to facilitate management of the band in the event of changes being necessitated by European standards or regulatory developments and to afford users in the band, adequate notice of any anticipated changes.

Operators should note that, in common with all other licence exempt services, 5.8 GHz FWA/MAN systems, despite registration, will not be entitled to any protection from interference from any other licensed or licence exempt service.