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Unless licence exempted, all wireless telegraphy equipment requires a licence.

In Ireland, there are a large number of radio systems which are exempt from licensing in Ireland, as outlined below.

Licence exempted radio equipment operates on a non-interference, non-protected basis and in radio spectrum that is shared with other radio devices.

Licence exempted equipment may not cause interference to other devices and may not claim protection from any interference received.

Additional specific conditions may be included for licence exempted radio equipment. Please check the relevant document as indicated in the list of licence exemptions below.

List of Licence Exemptions

Exemptions from licensing are normally established when there is no requirement to manage the specific spectrum band and where the risk of harmful interference is negligible.

The following is a non-exhaustive list of licence exemptions.



Radio Type Description Exemption Order ComReg Document Other Information
Short Range Devices (SRD) The vast majority of licence exempt equipment falls under this category.

SRDs include various low power devices such as inductive applications, alarms, model control, walkie talkies, wireless microphones and audio systems, radio LANS, Road Transport and Traffic Telematics (RTTT), Radio Frequency Identification systems (RFID) etc.

Operation of Wideband Data Transmission Systems (including WAS/RLANs) in the 5.8 GHz band is also subject to the Registration of operational base stations with ComReg.
S.I. 405 of 2002

S.I. 160 of 2006


ERO Recommendation:
Citizen’s Band AM citizens’ band (CB) and PR 27 radio equipment.

Operational modes are AM (1W erp), FM (4W erp) and SSB (4W pep). CB is from 26.96-27.41MHz where forty 10 kHz channels are available.
S.I. 436 of 1998 06/47R ETSI  Standards:
ETS 300 433,
ETS 300 135
 Satellite Certain Land Mobile Earth Stations including Inmarsat, Eutelsat, Italsat, Arcanet and Thuraya Stations. S.I. 398 of 2001 00/68

ETSI  Standards:
TBR 026,
TBR 044,
TBR 027,
EN 301 681
  Certain Fixed Satellite Receiving Earth Stations including VSAT and SNG receivers. S.I. 273 of 2000 00/68

ETSI  Standards:
TBR 28,
TBR 30,
TBR 43
  Mobile Earth Stations for Satellite Personal
Communications Systems <1GHz (S-PCS<1GHz)
S.I. 173 of 2000 06/47R ERO Decision:
Annex 2 of ERC/DEC/(99)06
  Satellite Earth Stations for Satellite Personal Communications Systems <1GHz (Global Mobile Personal Communications Service, GMPCS)
Exemption of Low Power Aircraft Stations
S.I. 214 of 1998

S.I. 007 of 2004

ERO Decision:
   Low Power Satellite user Terminals S.I. 505 of 2003 06/47R ERODecision:
ERC/DEC/(00) 03 ERC/DEC/(00) 04
ERC/DEC/(00) 05 

ETSI  Standards:
EN 301-459
TBR 28
   Onboard Aircraft Satellite Terminals S.I. 007 of 2004 06/47R  ETSI Standards:
EN 301-473;
EN 302-186
   Mobile Satellite User Terminals S.I. 128 of 2005  06/47R ERODecision:
ECC/DEC/(02) 11 

ETSI  Standards:
EN 301-444
EN 301-681
 PMR 446  Short range business radios operating in the 446MHz band S.I. 93 of 1998  06/47R  
 Mobile Phones  IMT-2000 (3G), GSM 900 and GSM 1800 MHz mobile phones S.I. 158 of 2003  06/47R  
   GSM mobile phones operating in the 900MHz band S.I. 409 of 1997  06/47R  
   GSM mobile phones operating in the 1800MHz band S.I. 107 of 1999  06/47R ETSI  Standards:
TBR 31,
TBR 32
Cordless Telephones  Analogue cordless phones operating at 31.025 - 31.325MHz (fixed part) and 31.925 - 40.225MHz
(portable part)

DECT cordless phones operating between 1800 -1810MHz

CT2-CAI digital cordless radio communications system operating in the band 864.1 - 868.1MHz and complies with ETS 300 131
S.I. 410 of 1997  06/47R  
 Broadcasting  Certain wired broadcast relay stations

Sound broadcasting receivers

S.I. 200 of 1976

S.I. 211 of 1972
Radio Receivers  General Radio Receivers (excluding Television Sets)
S.I. 197 of 2005

S.I. 292 of 2005
GPR/WPR and LPR devices Ground- and Wall Probing Radar (GPR/WPR) Imaging Systems & Level Probing Radar (LPR) Devices

S.I. 111 of 2013

S.I. 112 of 2013
 13/34 ECC/DEC/(06)08


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