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Broadband Cost Reduction Regulations Definitions


(a)        a public communications network,

(b)        the physical infrastructure of a network intended to produce, transport or distribute –

(i)         gas,

(ii)        electricity, including public lighting,

(iii)       heating,

(iv)       water, including disposal or treatment of waste water and sewage, and drainage systems, excluding elements of networks used for the provision of water intended for human consumption

(c)        transport services, including railways, roads, ports and airports;

network operator

provider or operator of a network

public communications network

electronic communications network used wholly or mainly for the provision of electronic communications services available to the public which support the transfer of information between network termination points

public communications network operator

person who provides or is authorised to provide a public communications network in compliance with Regulation 4 of the European Communities (Electronic Communications Networks and Services) (Authorisation) Regulations 2011 (S.I. No. 335 of 2011)

ComReg Definitions


organisation that may be able to provide relevant information with respect to the Broadband Cost Reduction Regulations

organisation type

classification of each organisation

Example: Infrastructure, Utilities, Transport, Public communications network operator, Planning


grouping of organisations according to type of information available

Example: Network, Planning/Permits/Licenses

website link

link to primary website of the organisation

additional website link

a link to the section of the website of the organisation with information relevant to the Broadband Cost Reduction Regulations