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Three refunds customers charged in excess of actual cost of PRS SMS

Information Notice,Enforcement Actions
Posted: 26th July 2023
Reference Number: 23/72

Sky Ireland Ltd pays ComReg €54,000 for failing to put consumer references on bills

Information Notice,Enforcement Actions
Posted: 12th June 2023
Reference Number: 23/49

Eircom will refund customers for overcharging, pay ComReg a penalty of €2.45 million and make changes to its billing practices

Information Notice,Enforcement Actions
Posted: 17th May 2023
Reference Number: 23/46

District Court Prosecution: Update from 28 April 2023

Information Notice,Enforcement Actions
Posted: 8th May 2023
Reference Number: 23/42

District Court Prosecution - Update from 13 February 2023

Information Notice
Posted: 1st March 2023
Reference Number: 23/18

District Court Prosecution: Update from 12 January 2023

Information Notice
Posted: 30th January 2023
Reference Number: 23/09

ComReg makes a Finding of Non-compliance against Three regarding Premium Rate Services

Information Notice
Posted: 9th November 2022
Reference Number: 22/95

Determination of a dispute between NBI and Eircom

Posted: 27th October 2022
Reference Number: ComReg 22/89
Decision Number: D08/22