Radio Spectrum

Wireless Test and Trial Licensing

This licence allows the licensee to testing or trialing innovative wireless services. It may also be issued to licence a new wireless service which does not fit within an existing licensing category.

  • A Wireless Test Licence allows the licensee to carry out research and development using radio spectrum which may involve the testing, development, evaluation, improvement and/or advancement of new and novel wireless applications.

A Wireless Test Licence does not allow the licensee to provide services to third parties or involve members of the public.  This can be facilitated with a Wireless Trial Licence.

  • A Wireless Trial Licence is a licence which allows the licensee to carry out trials of novel or innovative radio services involving members of the public or other third parties, for the purpose of testing applications and apparatus.
Why do I need a licence?

Unless licence exempted, all wireless telegraphy equipment requires a licence.

The regulations governing the issue of Wireless Test Licences is the:

The regulations governing the issue of Wireless Trial Licences is the:

How can I apply for a licence?

Step 1. Reading Information

The applicant should read ComReg’s guidance information to familiarise themselves with the licensing scheme and the application requirements

Step 2. Submitting the Application

The application form should be completed and submitted to ComReg along with the full licence fee.

Details on how to complete the form and submit it are contained in the above documents. Please note that incomplete applications may result in your application being returned as non-valid

Once I have a licence, are there licence obligations to comply with?

Yes, the licensee must comply with the Wireless Test or Trial Licence conditions which are included within the licence documentation sent to the licensee.

In particular licensees must ensure that their radio installation does not cause harmful interference to other licensees.

Can I renew my licence?

A Test or Trial Licence is valid for a specified duration, limited to a maximum period of twelve months from the date of issue. Where the nature of the test or trial requires a longer duration and the radio spectrum that is licensed is not required for other purposes, ComReg may consider extending the duration of the licence for a further period (maximum 12 months), subject to a formal application from the holder of the licence.

Can I amend my licence?

Yes, to amend your licence the standard application form should be submitted to ComReg with the appropriate fee if applicable. Please write “amendment” on the form to indicate that it is an amendment. 


Can I cancel my licence?

Yes, to cancel a licence a formal written request should be submitted to ComReg from a verified email, fax or post contact address. Before cancellation, ComReg may contact you for verification purposes.

Can I contact ComReg if I have a query?

Yes, please contact the Licensing Operations Team in ComReg (tel. 01 8049600), or alternatively please send an e-mail to

Previously issued Test and Trial Licences
Organisation Description of Radio Service
Altobridge GSM solution testing
BT Communications Ltd. WiMAX Testing
Digiweb Ltd. IP versus TDM based solutions (23GHz)
e2v Technologies Ltd. Testing of thermal imaging equipment
Guidant Corporation Test licence for medical implants (900MHz band)
Hutchison 3G Ireland Ltd. DVB-H trial
IBM RFID & Wireless Centre T/A Test licence for RFID
International Business Machines Test licence for UWB
Intel Ireland Ltd. WiMAX Capability Testing
Imagine communications WiMAX Product Testing
Irish Broadband Internet Services Ltd WiMAX Testing
Irish Radio Transmitter Society 5 MHz Beacon Propagation Test
LM Ericsson Limited  Collaborative Developmental Testing for GSM and WCDMA Technologies
Motorola Ltd. Tetra Tests
National University of Maynooth (NUIM) WiMAX Network Trial
On-Air SARL GSM on Aircraft Ground Tests
PCTEL Antenna Products Group Inc Antenna Tests, 400MHz to 2500MHz
RTE Transmission Network Ltd.

T-DAB trial (private trial; limited duration)

DRM trial

DTT trial

DVB-H testing

Solaris Mobile Ltd. Satellite and terrestrial mobile services in the S-Band
Swiftcall Broadband trial
Tango Telecom GSM solution testing (advanced charging and messaging products)
Telefonica O2 Communications Ltd.

FWA Testing

DVB-H trial 

Trinity College, Centre for Telecommunications Value-chain Research (CTVR) Testing of reconfigurable software-based radio and dynamic spectrum management techniques.
Trinity College Dublin, Centre for Telecommunications Value-chain Research Cognitive radio, cognitive networks, and dynamic spectrum access techniques (IEEE DySPAN 2007)
TYCO Safety Products (Sensormatic) UHF product testing (865 - 868MHz)
UCD Dublin School of Computer Science and Informatics UWB location tracking system evaluation
University of Dublin (TCD)

Test licence for UWB

WiMAX Trial

UPC Communications Ireland Ltd Broadband Trial
Waterford Institute of Technology Participation in EU project 'daidalos' (FP6 IST)
Wireless Projects Ireland Ltd. Wi-Fiber technology testing
Vodafone Ireland Ltd. Trial of 900 MHz spectrum for 3G services



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