Spectrum Intelligence and Investigations

ComReg’s Spectrum Intelligence and Investigations unit offers protection to the radio services of licensed operators by tracing and eliminating unwanted interference.

It is also responsible for ensuring that all radio equipment is operated in accordance with current legislation and takes appropriate action where breaches are uncovered.

Contact Spectrum Intelligence and Investigations who will be happy to offer advice at interference@comreg.ie


Radio Interference Investigations

ComReg prioritises interference reports received based on severity and impact.

The criteria used are as follows:

Class 1 – Interference that is an imminent threat to safety-of-life and serious interference caused to emergency services, air traffic control and maritime traffic control which seriously hampers radio communications. Response time – as soon as possible within 24 hours

Class 2 – Interference that renders a licensed channel unusable or has a detrimental effect on the economic interests of a licensee. Response time – within 3 working days.

Class 3 – Interference that is a nuisance to a licensed user but does not render the licensed channel unusable or severely impact the economic interests of the licensee, or severe interference to domestic reception and amateurs.  Response time – within 7 working days.

Class 4 – Occasional or minor interference to a licensed user that has no detrimental effect on the licensee’s operations, or nuisance interference to domestic reception and amateurs. Response time – within 15 working days.

Class 5 – Spurious complaints that do not warrant the direct intervention of ComReg.  Response time – N/A