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Nuacht Tionsclaíochta Nuacht Tomhaltóra

A Finding of Non-Compliance with the Premium Rate Service (“PRS”) Licence Conditions Zamano Solutions Ltd.

Following a review of information gathered during compliance monitoring and following a review of consumer complaints received by ComReg in relation to Zamano Solutions Ltd. (“Zamano”) and the AppMob once off (“AppMob”) premium rate service (“PRS”), ComReg commenced an investigation into the provision of the AppMob PRS in accordance with Section 9 of the Communication Regulations (Premium Rate Services and Electronic Communications Infrastructure) Act, 20101 (“the Act of 2010”) and Sections 10(1)(d)(ii) and 12(1)(d) of the Communications Regulation Act, 2002, as amended (“the Act of 2002”).

Following the investigation, ComReg found that the AppMob PRS was not compliant with certain requirements of the Code.

Zamano is required to remedy the finding of non-compliance in respect of the breaches of the Code and to refund affected end users by 22 June 2017 pursuant to Section 9 of the Act of 2010.

Further information is available in our Enforcement section.