The ComReg compliance team receives complaints from within the industry and monitor trends in complaints from the general public made via ComReg’s consumer team and ComReg’s website.

It is the compliance team’s function to investigate these complaints and trends, and make an assessment to determine their validity, and level of impact on the market in order to allocate and prioritise resources within the compliance team.

In addition, the ComReg compliance team undertakes own initiative investigations to monitor the general conformance to obligations falling within ComReg’s remit.

Where appropriate, the outcome of these investigations will be published in the list of ComReg’s latest enforcement actions


In the event of a Dispute arising between two undertakings in connection with obligations under Regulation 31 of the Framework Regulations, Regulation 28 of the USO Regulations or Section 57 of the Communications Regulation Act, ComReg at the request of either party will initiate an investigation of the Dispute. The aim of the Dispute is to make a determination ensuring compliance with regulation and to resolve the Dispute.

Where ComReg receives a Dispute, it will assess whether the criteria necessary for a dispute submission has been met and decide on the appropriate course of action as described in the Dispute Resolution Process (10/18R).

Compliance Updates

ComReg is the statutory body responsible for the regulation of the electronic communications and postal sectors in Ireland. ComReg is the national regulatory authority for these sectors in accordance to Irish and EU legislation. ComReg’s responsibilities include setting regulatory policy and the monitoring and enforcement of regulatory obligations.

Within the telecommunications sector, ComReg’s Wholesale Compliance team is responsible for monitoring and enforcing compliance with regulatory obligations and handling formal disputes between communications providers.

The links below provide reports on the Wholesale Compliance team’s recent compliance actives

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