Faigh údarú

Get an Authorisation

Any person providing or intending to provide a postal service needs to complete and submit a notification form (ComReg Document 12/81n) to ComReg.

As required by the Communications Regulation (Postal Services) Act 2011 (“the 2011 Act”), in completing the form, you will also need to decide whether your postal service is “within the scope of universal postal service”. To help you decide this, ComReg has set guidelines (ComReg Document 12/81a).

A completed ComReg Document 12/81n form must be sent by email to postal.team@comreg.ie and also be submitted in signed hard-copy by registered post to ComReg addressed to:

The Postal Team

Commission for Communications Regulation

Abbey Court

Irish Life Centre

Lower Abbey Street

Dublin 1, D01W2H4

On acknowledgement by ComReg of the notification, the postal service provider is deemed to be authorised to provide the postal service or services described in its notification, subject to the conditions of authorisation in section 39 of the 2011 Act.