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What are Premium Rate Services (PRS) on a mobile phone or landline?

Premium rate services (“PRS”) are goods and services that you can buy by using your landline or mobile phone. These phone paid services are PRS and:

  • Payment for PRS shows on your phone bill if you are a bill pay
  • Payment is deducted from your credit if you are a pay as you go

ComReg regulates phone paid services that cost more than 25 cent per call or text message (“SMS”).

Examples of PRS include:

  • Voting for contestants on TV reality shows
  • Quizzes and competitions such as those run on radio and TV chat shows
  • Charity donations
  • Digital content such as music, wallpapers and games
  • Psychic or other entertainment services
  • Business information such as some technical support lines

How do I recognise premium rate services?

The numbers for premium rate voice services start with a 15 prefix (for example 1590) and premium rate text message (“SMS”) services are five-digit short codes beginning with the number 5 (for example 57976 and 57977).

We have a page on our website with things to be aware of with PRS.

What are the charges for premium rate services?

Calls and texts to PRS usually cost more than ordinary telephone calls/texts depending on the prefix number or shortcode.

We have a page on our website with details of charges for premium rate voice services and premium rate text message (“SMS”) services.

How do I stop a PRS and can I bar all premium rate services?

If you wish to unsubscribe from a mobile premium rate service, send a text message to the short code number for the service with the word STOP.

You can block premium rate text messages from your mobile if you are a customer of eir Mobile, Three or Vodafone. Contact your mobile service provider’s Customer Care to avail of the barring option.

We have a page on our website with solutions to common problems consumers have with PRS.

Finally, to check the details of any premium rate service, visit ComReg’s premium rate Service Checker and our Consumer Care team is also available to offer advice and support.



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