Faoi Sheirbhisí Ardráta

What are premium rate services?

Premium rate services (“PRS”) are goods and services that you can buy by using your landline, mobile phone, the Internet, interactive digital TV or fax. The range of PRS has grown considerably in recent years, allowing access to information, advice and entertainment services as well as facilitating audience participation in TV and radio shows.

Examples of PRS include:

  • TV voting (for example, The X Factor)
  • Chatline services
  • Donations to charities
  • Psychics or other entertainment services
  • Business information (e.g. some technical support lines)

How do you recognise premium rate services?

Premium rate voice services have a 15 prefix (e.g. 1515 or 1530) and premium rate text services are five digit short codes beginning with the number 5 (e.g. 57XXX). Calls and texts to PRS typically cost more than ordinary telephone calls/texts depending on the prefix number or shortcode. Check the cost of calling or texting PRS from your phone with your own phone company (landline, mobile or cable) as they may charge an additional amount to the advertised rate.