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Unexpected text message or charge on your phone bill?

If you are unsure about a phone number in a text message or on your phone bill, it may be a Premium Rate Service (PRS) number. PRS means using your landline or mobile phone to buy goods and services. Payment is taken from your credit if you are a pay as you go customer or payment shows on your phone bill if you are a bill pay customer.

ComReg’s PRS Checker

If you have received a text message from a five-digit number beginning with the number 5, for example 57XXX, you can visit our Service Checker tool to check the details of any Premium Rate Service.

How to unsubscribe or block a PRS

If you want to unsubscribe from a mobile premium rate service, send a text message to the five-digit number for the service with the word STOP. You should be unsubscribed within 24 to 48 hours.

You can also block premium rate text messages from your mobile if you are a customer of eir Mobile, Three or Vodafone. Contact your mobile service provider’s Customer Care to set up barring.

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