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Complaining to your service provider

Who to contact

You should always contact your service provider first if you have a complaint or a query. ComReg has established frameworks on a Code of Practice for the handling of consumer complaints by service providers. Each service provider’s code sets out the procedure for making a complaint and the level of service that you as a customer can expect. Service providers should provide a copy of their code of conduct to any customer who requests a copy. Most service providers have a copy available on their website.

If you are not satisfied with the initial response to your complaint, you can request that the complaint is escalated to a higher level within the organisation, again how you do this should be outlined in the “code”.

Lodging your complaint/query with ComReg

ComReg can seek to resolve disputes between consumers and service providers where the service providers own dispute resolution process has broken down.

Tips for making a complaint

 Checklist when contacting ComReg about a complaint

  • Has the issue causing the complaint occurred recently?
  • Have you followed the service provider’s complaint handling procedures “code of practice”?
  • Are you the account holder? (Generally the service provider will only deal with the account holder, however, in some circumstances ComReg will work with other people or organisations to help resolve a complaint).
  • Did you receive a complaint reference number?


Details you should give ComReg about your complaint

  • Your contact details.
  • The account name and account number.
  • Details of the complaint, including the complaint reference number.
  • Details of any previous dealings with the service provider.
  • A clear idea of what you hope to achieve by raising your complaint.