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Phone and broadband price increases

ComReg does not set or approve retail prices, but we do have a role in ensuring consumers have information to assist them in finding the best plan to meet their needs.

Price increases for phone and broadband services

The majority of, but not all, large service providers now include a built-in price increase in new contracts, related to inflation, a fixed percentage or both (sometimes known as Consumer Price Index (CPI)).  This price increase usually takes place automatically in April each year. Check your terms and conditions of your contract or contact your service provider for details.

How do I find a cheaper deal?

If you are looking to switch or enter a new contract, be aware that some service providers have not implemented a contractual price increase related to inflation, so you should shop around.

The best time to look for a cheaper deal is if you are:

  • coming to the end of your minimum contract term.
  • no longer within the minimum term of your contract.

Some tips when entering a new contract

  • Check out which service providers have built-in price increases and which do not.
  • Consider the time of year that you sign up to a contract with a built-in price increase. Contract price increases generally occur in April, so keep this in mind when switching and it may help you avoid immediate contractual price increases.
  • Consider your new contract term and whether you will incur multiple increases before your contract ends. A shorter minimum term, such as 12 months, may be better for your needs.
  • Consider a SIM only plan – these often have lower subscription costs which  may lesson the financial impact of any CPI related price increases.
  • You should always seek information from a provider in relation to how these price increases will impact you throughout the duration of your contract with them.

What can I do if my service provider increases its prices?

If your contract includes a built-in price increase, you generally cannot switch or exit without penalty when it occurs unless you are outside your minimum term.

However, if your contract does not include a built-in price increase or if you are outside your minimum term, you can switch without penalty if your price increases.

If your contract does not include a built-in price increase, your service provider must notify you of any changes to your contract (a contract covers both the price plan and terms and conditions). They must do this by giving you at least one month’s notice of the change and must inform you, where applicable, about your right to terminate your contract without penalty.

Can ComReg help?

If you are seeking a new mobile or home phone plan or planning to switch broadband provider, our comparison tool lets you compare price plans for mobile, broadband and bundles across different service providers and select the best plan, based on your needs.

We also have more information on switching and contracts to help you.

Our Consumer Care team is also available to offer you advice and information.



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