Programme Making and Special Events (PMSE)

PMSE services encompass a range of wireless services, such as wireless cameras and microphones used in the production of live theatre and concert events as well as supporting activities such as news gathering, sports events and outside broadcasts. A wide variety of spectrum bands are currently available in Ireland for PMSE use under this licensing scheme.

A PMSE licence allows for the use of radio equipment at a specified location and event for the duration specified on the licence, not exceeding a maximum period of six months.

PMSE licences are available for periods of up to six months only and are non-renewable.


More information can be found in our guidelines document – PMSE Guidance Notes.

Application Process

To apply for a licence, applicants must login to ComRegs online facility which is available at

Applicants must be a ComReg account holder; if not, you can register for a ComReg account at

Please download this document for guidance on how to use the online facility.

Fees / Fee Calculator

Licence fees are based on the quantity of equipment to be licensed.

The cost is €12 per piece of equipment plus a fixed charge of €12 for the duration of the licence. (e.g. 4 walkie talkies + 2 radio mics = 6 units +1 fixed charge = 7 x €12 = €84).


The Regulations governing the issue of PMSE licences is the:

  • Wireless Telegraphy (Business Radio Licence) Regulations, 1949 (S.I. 320 of 1949) and subsequent amendments.

Interleaved and Unused Spectrum between 470 MHz and 790 MHz

The “Interleaved and Unused Spectrum between 470 MHz and 790 MHz” document has been created as a guide for applicants wishing to apply for wireless microphones and IEMs to lookup availability within the 470 and 790 MHz band prior to submitting an application.  Spectrum availability is illustrated using four possible risk categories;

RED – HIGH RISK frequencies: High possibility of interference with DTT.

YELLOW – SMALL RISK frequencies: Small possibility of interference with DTT. 

ORANGE – FUTURE RISK / UNUSED DTT SPECTRUM: Low Risk of interference with DTT but may be High Risk at a future date. 

GREEN– LOW RISK frequencies: Low Risk of interference from DTT .

The current Interleaved and Unused Spectrum between 470 MHz – 790 MHz can be viewed via the link below:

Interleaved and Unused Spectrum between 470 – 790 MHz.

This document is subject to change and may be updated as required by ComReg without notice.