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ComReg Connectivity Survey

Today we publish the results of the latest Connectivity Survey and share with you our key findings about the importance of broadband to consumers and their satisfaction and switching experiences.

ComReg provides advice and support for consumers when comparing offers and when considering switching service providers. We encourage consumers to check out our comparison tool here, and to consider our advice for consumers on their rights regarding contracted speeds and switching.


Key Survey Findings

Importance of Broadband:

  • 79% say home broadband is very important.
  • 95% of those working from home say home broadband is very important.

Choice of Broadband Provider:

  • Trust in a brand is a key reason why consumers are with their current broadband supplier. This is a key reason why consumers are with their current broadband supplier.
  • Promised speed of internet connection is also a reason why 1 in 4 choose their current supplier.
    • 45% of people consider they would benefit from a faster broadband
    • 72% likely to take up high speed broadband if it becomes available.

Satisfaction with Broadband:

  • 74% of broadband users are satisfied with their overall experience.
    Satisfaction tends to be higher for billing process and length of contract than speed of broadband and customer service.
  • Most common issues experienced are slow/variable speeds and quality of internet connection.


  • 43% of those with a broadband service have ever switched broadband supplier.
  • 1 in 5 bundle owners who are out of contract or contract expires within 12 months state they are likely to switch bundle within the next 12 months.
  • 45% of those who switched bundles previously now have a lower bill within the current bundle.
  • 71% of those who switched bundles compared bundles before making the switch.
  • Overall, the vast majority of people who have switched broadband provider have seen an improvement in overall experience, download speeds and reliability.
  • The majority of those who switched their broadband service are happier with their current service provider.


For more information in respect to switching please click here.

For complete details in respect to our survey findings click here.



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