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Consumer Information regarding QSAT

1. The Commission for Communications Regulation (“ComReg”) has been made aware that on Wednesday 17 May 2017, Avanti Broadband Limited (“Avanti”) ceased providing wholesale satellite broadband services to its retail partner Alphasat Communications Limited (“QSAT”).

2. To ensure that customers did not immediately lose service on 17 May 2017, Avanti decided to continue providing a satellite broadband service to QSAT customers on a temporary basis until 1 June 2017.

3. QSAT has also made ComReg aware that it has communicated to its customers that if they wish to continue with a satellite broadband service, a similar service is available through an alternative satellite broadband service provider, Bentley Walker Limited (“Bentley Walker”) under the brand “Freedomsat”. Bentley Walker is also a retail partner of Avanti and provides services similar to those previously provided by QSAT.

4. Avanti has also informed ComReg that it has made QSAT customers aware, via a service message alert, that in order to continue with their satellite broadband service that they should contact Bentley Walker, who will take responsibility for customer accounts, if customers wish to enter into a new contract with them.

5. ComReg understands that, in order for QSAT customers to maintain a satellite broadband service, without any changes to their terminal equipment, beyond 1 June 2017, they will need to take action to move to Bentley Walker or another provider. Customers may also choose to move to another type of access technology if available.

6. ComReg advises consumers that they may also be able to obtain an alternative broadband service by satellite or other technical means and advises consumers to check out its comparison tool.

7. ComReg will continue to monitor this matter and we will issue further information as appropriate.

8. Consumers that have queries can contact ComReg’s Consumer Line on (01) 8049668 or e mail consumerline@comreg.ie.

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