Ceisteanna Seirbhíse

Mobile – Service Issues

Consumers should contact their service provider to report /lodge a complaint if they are experiencing coverage issues for example dropped calls, intermittent coverage.
The mobile phone network consists of a number of mobile phone base stations and masts that are located throughout Ireland.  Mobile providers operate in a fully-liberalised market under licences provided by us.  These licences require the Mobile Network Operators (MNOs) to provide a minimum level of national coverage which is 70%. It should be noted that there are no Universal Service Obligations (USO) attached to mobile phone licences. It should be noted that there are no Universal Service Obligations (USO) attached to mobile phone licences and therefore the USO Regulations only applies to eir and landline installations at a fixed location. ComReg provides an on-line facility to allow the public to view details of the mobile masts throughout Ireland (GSM 3G and 4G).  Access to the Siteviewer service is available at http://comreg.ie/industry/licensing/siteviewer/. This tool may be used to determine the MNO with the mobile site closest to any consumer’s home or office.


Coverage for different service providers

Each mobile network can have a different coverage area, depending on the number of mobile towers in use, the local terrain and technology used.  It is important to check that the service you are considering has good coverage where you expect to use it most.
Ask your mobile provider if they can provide you with coverage maps that can assist you in determining how well the areas that are important to you are covered.  Alternatively, check with your friends and family who use the same mobile phone company in the areas you want to use your phone, to confirm that the coverage is adequate in that area.
Mobile phone coverage is provided by dividing an area to be covered into a number of “cells”, each cell containing a base station that is linked up with base stations in other cells.  When you make your mobile phone call, digital technology carries the call to and from the base station that is located closest to your position, via the network to a base station that is closest to the recipient’s location.