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Home Phone – Service Issues

eir is responsible for the maintenance and fault repair of the full eir network. If you have a fault on your line, your service provider must contact eir on your behalf to organise the repair of the fault. Please note that not all service providers use the eir network for example Virgin Media has its own network.

eir is not allowed to prioritise the line faults of eir customers over the line faults of other service providers customers.  eir must ensure that it provides facilities to other service providers customers  of the same quality as it provides to its own customers.

For each individual case, a customer should receive a reasonable forecast date as to when the repair will be carried out. If any issues arise, the customer should proceed with lodging a complaint.

While there is no timeframe for individual customers, eir are required to meet targets set out by us for average annual repair timeframes nationwide.

These timeframes are allowed for under the Universal Service Regulations and the exact figures were decided after a public consultation:

  • 80% of fault repairs must be completed within 2 working days.
  • 95% of fault repairs must be completed within 4 working days.
  • 99.8% of fault repairs must be completed within 5 working days.
  • All fault repairs must be completed within 10 working days.

Where the customer agrees a date for fault repair with eir, the performance target is set as follows:

  • 95% of fault repairs to be completed by agreed date.

These targets were set as legally binding obligations and non-compliance can result in enforcement procedures and penalties.

Internal repairs

If a fault occurs within your own home, you must normally arrange for the repair to be carried out at your own expense. You can query this with your service provider but you may need to hire an electrician.


If your service provider believes that there are external factors affecting your telecommunications service your service provider should contact ComReg ‘s Spectrum team directly for investigation at