Making a complaint

You must first contact your postal service provider to lodge your complaint.

All authorised postal service providers must have complaint procedures available to postal service users.

ComReg has published “Complaints and Redress Procedures: Guidelines for Postal Service Providers” ComReg Document 14/06 (“the Guidelines”)  to assist postal service providers in providing a code of practice for their handling of complaints from postal service users.

If you have a complaint please contact your service provider’s customer service team, outline the complaint and ask for it to be resolved.

ComReg does not have regulatory remit over the behaviour and competence of postal personnel.

ComReg has no regulatory role over post offices. Operational decisions regarding the post office network, including closures, are taken by An Post.

Go to: Make a complaint to your Postal Service Provider

Go to: Complaint Resolution and Compensation

Go to: Dispute Resolution

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