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Welcome to the Internet section of In this section, you will find information on

  • How to reduce your broadband bill and to compare package prices
  • National Broadband Scheme
  • VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol)
  • ”Unlimited” Broadband


Compare Broadband Packages

ComReg’s independent price guide at [] will allow you to compare the costs of Home Phone; Broadband; Mobile and combined packages for your specific usage details.

”Unlimited” Broadband ‘ / Fair Use Policy

Information about Fair Usage – A number of telephone and broadband packages being offered are described as ‘unlimited’. In this context the word ‘unlimited’ would normally be taken to mean that a subscriber, having agreed to pay a set price, may make as many calls or spend as much time online as he or she wishes.  However, some service contracts qualify the meaning of ‘unlimited’ by stating that it is subject to an ‘acceptable’ or ‘fair’ level of use by the subscriber. This is referred to as a “fair usage policy” in some advertising.

ComReg would like to advise consumers that any provision of a contract which sets usage thresholds, or describes what constitutes ‘fair’ or ‘acceptable’ use, should be clear and unambiguous, particularly where the service is described as being ‘unlimited’.

Usage thresholds or limits should be clearly set out, as should the manner in which they may be updated or amended.

ComReg expects each service provider to implement a clear, transparent and policy for dealing with customer usage above any set thresholds. The policy should set out the rules for contract termination, including penalties, the charges that shall apply for any use above the threshold/limit, and the policy regarding migration of the customer to other packages, if applicable.

ComReg advises consumers to carefully read the terms and conditions of their contracts and to be aware of the particular limits or thresholds that apply before purchasing.

National Broadband Scheme

The National Broadband Scheme (NBS) was designed to deliver basic, affordable broadband to target areas across the country in which services were deemed to be insufficient. ​The NBS expired following a 68 month operational period at midnight on August 25th 2014. Three will continue to provide broadband coverage throughout NBS areas on a commercial basis.
Where a consumer has a complaint regarding their broadband service provided under the NBS and they have failed to resolve the matter after lodging a formal complaint with 3, the consumer should be referred to the DCCAE.  Contact details are as follows:

Telephone: ​+353 1 678 2160

With basic services now available across Ireland, the DCCAE’s focus is on the delivery of high speed broadband to all citizens regardless of where they live or work. The Government’s National Broadband Plan (NBP) aims to radically change the broadband landscape in Ireland. Through a combination of commercial and State led investment, all parts of Ireland will have access to a modern and reliable high speed broadband network, capable of supporting current and future generations.