Cad a chaitheann An Post a dhéanamh?

This page contains:

  • Collection and delivery

  • Posting and delivery times

  • Missed deliveries

What must An Post do?

An Post is designated until 2023 as the universal postal service provider by the Communications Regulation (Postal Services) Act 2011 (“the 2011 Act”).

Collection and delivery

An Post must ensure that there is at least one collection and one delivery on every working day provided to the home or premises of every person in the Republic of Ireland; and that a number of certain universal postal services are provided –  find more information on Regulation of An Post’s Services.

Performance standards of 94% for next working day delivery (“D+1”) and 99.5% for delivery within three days of posting (“D+3”) have been set for delivery of An Post’s single piece mail items in the State and performance is monitored on a continuous basis – find more information on Regulation of An Post’s Quality.

Posting and delivery times

At most An Post access points the latest time of posting (LTOP) to make sure of next working day delivery nationwide is 5.30pm Monday to Friday, excluding public holidays.

Some access point locations have an earlier or later posting time than 5.30pm.The time will be displayed at the access point. ComReg does not regulate the LTOP for business collections.

ComReg does not regulate the time that post is delivered. The scheduling, timing and organisation of deliveries to be made on each working day is an operational decision for An Post.

Missed deliveries