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Dispute Resolution by your Postal Service Provider

All postal service providers, including An Post, must make have ‘procedures for resolving disputes’ in their code of practice in accordance with the Communications Regulation (Postal Services) Act 2011 (“the 2011 Act”).

ComReg suggests that dispute resolution procedures within a postal service provider’s code of practice include a postal service user advocate mechanism (“the Advocate”), either internal or external to the postal service provider, whose role is to independently assess the previous actions and decisions taken by the postal service provider regarding the complaint.

Postal service providers should nominate an Advocate independent of its customer service and operations sections, enable postal service users easily lodge a complaint for independent review and provide a timely response to the complainant. See “Complaints and Redress Procedures: Guidelines for Postal Service Providers” ComReg Document 14/06 for more information.

Click here to be redirected to the An Post website for details of how to request the An Post Customer Advocate review a complaint.

Dispute Resolution by ComReg – Section 43(3) Procedures

If you are not satisfied with all the steps taken by An Post, or another authorised postal service provider, to resolve your complaint, or with the results of their independent assessment of your complaint, you can ask ComReg to help resolve your dispute. These are known as Section 43(3) dispute resolution powers.

ComReg can only resolve disputes about regulated postal services and that have exhausted all the steps of the postal service provider’s Complaints and Redress Procedures (or Code of Practice).

The following documents should be reviewed and completed in the event that ComReg’s assistance with a 43(3) dispute resolution is sought: