ComReg’s role?

ComReg was established as the National Regulatory Authority for the postal sector in Ireland by the Communications Regulation Act 2002.

ComReg’s regulatory remit includes ensuring the sustainable provision of a universal postal service, while providing all postal service users (consumers, small businesses, and large organisations) with the choice, quality, and innovation offered by a liberalised market.

ComReg’s powers and functions are provided for by the Communications Regulation Act 2002 and the Communications Regulation (Postal Services) Act 2011 (“The 2011 Act”).

ComReg’s statutory objectives in relation to the provision of postal services are;

  • (i) to promote the development of the postal sector and, in particular, the availability of a universal postal service within, to and from the State at an affordable price for the benefit of all postal service users,
  • (ii) to promote the interests of postal service users (any person benefiting from postal service provision as a sender or as an addressee) within the Community, and
  • (iii) subject to subparagraph (i), to facilitate the development of competition and innovation in the market for postal service provision