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2019 Residential Market Research
Posted: 17th June 2020
Reference Number: 20/46a
RFTS/FACO Consultation Document and draft Decision Instrument
Posted: 17th June 2020
Reference Number: 20/46
Third Party Business Radio - Consultation on re-opening the Third Party Business Radio scheme
Posted: 5th June 2020
Reference Number: 20/44
Proposed Multi Band Spectrum Award - Draft Information Memorandum and Draft Regulations
Posted: 13th May 2020
Reference Number: 20/32
Broadcasting Transmission Services in Ireland
Posted: 11th May 2020
Reference Number: 20/31
Consultation on Calculating penalties for Access Regulations breaches
Posted: 9th April 2020
Reference Number: 20/25
Fixed Voice Call Termination Market Further Review
Posted: 2nd April 2020
Reference Number: 20/19
Covid-19 Temporary Spectrum Management Measures
Posted: 27th March 2020
Reference Number: 20/21
Universal Service: Provision of Directory of Subscribers
Posted: 23rd December 2019
Reference Number: ComReg19/127
Review of Postal Universal Service Provider Designation - Consultation on Step 1 of review: Is there a need for postal universal service provider designation?
Posted: 20th December 2019
Reference Number: 19/125