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  • Consultation Submissions

Review of the Satellite Earth Station Licensing Regime - Non-confidential Submissions to 22/56

Consultation Submissions
Posted: 31st March 2023
Reference Number: 23/32s

Response to Consultation 22/87r Fixed Voice and Mobile Voice Call Termination Market Review

Consultation Submissions
Posted: 24th February 2023
Reference Number: 23/17s

Assessment of eir's 2015-2016 Universal Service Fund Application - Submissions to Consultation 21/17

Consultation Submissions
Posted: 7th February 2023
Reference Number: 21/17s

Review of Postal Universal Service Provider Designation(s) after 1 August 2023 - Submission to public consultation 22/85

Consultation Submissions
Posted: 9th December 2022
Reference Number: ComReg 22/103s

Non-Confidential Submissions to Document 21/134 and 21/134A

Consultation Submissions
Posted: 9th November 2022
Reference Number: 22/93b

Response to Consultation and Decision - Short-term licensing framework for spectrum rights in the 700 MHz and 2.1 GHz Bands from October 2022, Measures to Avoid Consumer Disruption

Consultation Response,Decision,Consultation Submissions
Posted: 21st September 2022
Reference Number: ComReg 22/78
Decision Number: D07/22

Submissions to Consultation 22/35

Consultation Submissions
Posted: 30th June 2022
Reference Number: 22/54s

Access Products and Services Key Performance Indicators - Submission Letter

Consultation Submissions
Posted: 29th June 2022
Reference Number: 22/49s