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3.6 GHz Band Transition Progress Report 2021

Posted: 2nd December 2021
Reference Number: 21/124

2021 Programme of Measurement of Non-Ionising Radiation - First Interim Report

Quarterly Report,NIR Site Report,Report
Posted: 26th May 2021
Reference Number: 21/52

Geographic Numbering Survey - Quantitative Survey

Posted: 29th March 2021
Reference Number: 21/28b

Mobile Handset Performance (Data)

Posted: 14th December 2020
Reference Number: 20/121

3.6 GHz Band Transition Progress Report 2020

Posted: 9th December 2020
Reference Number: 20/117

Spectrum Intelligence and Investigations Annual Report 2019-2020

Posted: 1st September 2020
Reference Number: ComReg20/79

Letter from ComReg to DCCAE (20 July 2020) accompanying Frontier Economics Report

Information Notice,Report
Posted: 5th August 2020
Reference Number: 20/69b

Republic of Ireland Quality of Postal Service Monitor - 2019 Annual Report

Market Commentary,Report
Posted: 19th June 2020
Reference Number: 20/50