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  • Consultation Submissions

Submissions to Consultation 08/23 - Rental Price for Shared Access to the Unbundled Local Loop

Consultation Submissions
Posted: 4th July 2008
Reference Number: 08/46a

Submissions to Consultation 08/20 - Proposed Strategy for Managing the Radio Spectrum 2008 - 2010

Consultation Submissions
Posted: 1st July 2008
Reference Number: 08/50s

Submissions to Consultation 07/55 - Eircom's Universal Service Obligation - Quality of Service Performance Targets

Consultation Submissions
Posted: 29th May 2008
Reference Number: 08/37a
Decision Number: 02/08

Submissions to Consultation - Postal Strategy Statement (2008-2010)

Consultation Submissions
Posted: 15th February 2008
Reference Number: 08/17s

Inputs to National Numbering Conventions Fifth Review - Submissions received from respondents

Consultation Submissions
Posted: 2nd January 2008
Reference Number: 08/01S

Submissions to Consultation - Complaints and Dispute Resolution Guidelines for Postal Service Providers

Consultation Submissions
Posted: 18th December 2007
Reference Number: 07/105a

Submissions received to consultation: Number Portability in the Fixed and Mobile Sectors

Consultation Submissions
Posted: 30th November 2007
Reference Number: 07/98a
Decision Number: D0507

Submissions to Consultation - ComReg's approach to Regulatory Impact Assessment

Consultation Submissions
Posted: 10th August 2007
Reference Number: 07/56s