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Multi Band Spectrum Award - The 2.1 GHz Band Transition Plan

Consultation Response
Posted: 10th February 2023
Reference Number: 23/13

Nuisance Communications: Agreed revised Terms of Reference for Nuisance Communications Industry Taskforce

Information Notice
Posted: 10th February 2023
Reference Number: 23/12

Assessment of eir's 2015-2016 Universal Service Fund Application - Submissions to Consultation 21/17

Consultation Submissions
Posted: 7th February 2023
Reference Number: 21/17s

District Court Prosecution: Update from 12 January 2023

Information Notice
Posted: 30th January 2023
Reference Number: 23/09

PIA Consultation and Draft Decision Terms of Reference for Real World Systems Technical Feasibility Study

Information Notice
Posted: 20th January 2023
Reference Number: 23/07

Nuisance Communications: Scam Calls & Texts - Best Practice Guide for Businesses and Organisations

Information Notice,Guidelines
Posted: 13th January 2023
Reference Number: 23/01