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Consumer awareness and attitudes to information and battery back-up in a power outage - Survey December 2021

Information Notice,Joint Documents
Posted: 23rd December 2021
Reference Number: ComReg 21/143a

Covid-19 Temporary Spectrum Management Measures - Information Notice

Information Notice
Posted: 1st April 2020
Reference Number: ComReg 20/23

Cost of Capital

Consultation Response,Decision
Posted: 18th December 2014
Reference Number: 14/136
Decision Number: D15/14

National Broadband Plan - Call for Input on Regulatory Implications

Consultation,Discussion Paper,Call for Input
Posted: 4th December 2014
Reference Number: 14/126

Report on potential pricing methodologies for Bitstream Managed Backhaul pricing

Consultants Report
Posted: 3rd November 2014
Reference Number: 14/116a

Amendment to Bitstream Managed Backhaul and NGA Bitstream Plus usage charges

Information Notice
Posted: 3rd November 2014
Reference Number: 14/116

Wholesale Broadband Access: Price control obligation in relation to current generation Bitstream

Posted: 8th July 2014
Reference Number: 14/73r
Decision Number: D11/14

Submissions to Supplementary Consultation 13/95

Consultation Submissions
Posted: 1st July 2014
Reference Number: 13/95s

Call for Input: Current and future projections on throughput

Posted: 7th March 2014
Reference Number: 14/18