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Notification of Opinion of Non-Compliance issued to Eircom Limited

Information Notice,Enforcement Actions
Posted: 4th March 2022
Reference Number: 22/16

Notification of Non Compliance to Eircom concerning Access to Exchange Chambers

Information Notice
Posted: 13th August 2021
Reference Number: 21/82

ComReg Wholesale Compliance Cases 481 and 568

Information Notice,Enforcement Actions
Posted: 5th December 2017
Reference Number: 17/98

Case 850 Service Level Agreement Dispute

Information Notice
Posted: 11th May 2017
Reference Number: 17/36

ComReg closes case where Notice of Intention to Prosecute was issued to Vodafone

Information Notice
Posted: 3rd January 2017
Reference Number: 17/01

Opinion of non-compliance issued to Eircom Limited for a breach of its access obligation in the Retail Fixed Narrowband Access market

Information Notice,Enforcement Actions
Posted: 17th November 2016
Reference Number: 16/103