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Facilitating network deployment through infrastructure sharing

Consultation,Call for Input
Posted: 17th June 2024
Reference Number: ComReg 24/47

Measures to support equivalent access to and choice of Electronic Communications Services (ECS) for people with Disabilities

Consultation,Call for Input
Posted: 4th September 2023
Reference Number: ComReg 23/80a

Broadband Cost Reduction Directive Single Information Point Best Practices

Call for Input
Posted: 17th December 2021
Reference Number: 21/133

Submissions to Call for Inputs Postal Regulation Strategy

Call for Input
Posted: 11th October 2021
Reference Number: 21/100s

Migration from Legacy Infrastructure to Modern Infrastructure

Call for Input
Posted: 3rd August 2021
Reference Number: 21/78

Call for Inputs: Postal Regulation Strategy

Call for Input
Posted: 25th June 2021
Reference Number: 21/67

Call for Inputs - ComReg's ECS Strategy

Strategy Statement,Call for Input
Posted: 30th September 2020
Reference Number: 20/91R

Call for Inputs - Connectivity and Decarbonisation

Call for Input
Posted: 20th December 2019
Reference Number: 19/126

Bill Shock Review - Control of Expenditure

Call for Input
Posted: 13th September 2019
Reference Number: ComReg 19/83