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Telecoms Regulator to require New Code of Practice for Cable and MMDS

Media Release
Posted: 18th December 2000
Reference Number: PR181200

Telecoms Regulator to Consult on Internet Access Codes

Media Release
Posted: 14th December 2000
Reference Number: PR141200

Telecoms Regulator to Consult on Mobile Numbering and Mobile Number portability.

Media Release
Posted: 14th November 2000
Reference Number: PR141100

Dialling Northern Ireland from the Republic Changes to the Northern Ireland telephone numbering scheme

Media Release
Posted: 12th September 2000
Reference Number: PR120900

Telecoms Regulator sets the framework for price regulation in the cable and MMDS Markets

Media Release
Posted: 3rd August 2000
Reference Number: PR030800

Cost cuts to telecomms companies

Media Release
Posted: 29th February 2000
Reference Number: PR290200

Full compliance with requirements on Non-ionising radiation emissions - ODTR 2nd audit report

Media Release
Posted: 8th February 2000
Reference Number: PR080200

Regulator to Measure Quality of Operators Performance

Media Release
Posted: 27th January 2000
Reference Number: PR270100

Eircom's Draft Code of Conduct Concerning Selling Practices - Consultation Paper

Posted: 1st January 2000
Reference Number: 00/85

The Irish Telecommunications Market Quarterly Review, Sept 2000

Market Commentary
Posted: 1st January 2000
Reference Number: 00/71