Electronic Communications

ComReg’s objectives and strategies for the electronic communications sector are as follows:


The promotion of competition is a vital component of effective regulation. Competition is key to ensuring a sustainable industry, which has the means and is willing to invest in developing innovative products and promoting product differentiation. Competition is also vital to ensure that there is a level playing field for both incumbents and new entrants, which in turn ensures the availability of a range of products and services to consumers, which offer them choice, quality and competitive prices.


A competitive electronic communications market offers benefits to consumers in terms of attractive and transparent pricing, a wide range of choice in terms of services and suppliers and high quality services and products. ComReg has a key role in informing and educating consumers with regard to the availability of electronic communications products and services, and in providing consumers with appropriate means of redress and support in the event of a dispute with their supplier.

Internal Market

The regulatory framework within which ComReg operates has been set at a pan-European level by the European Union. The implementation of this framework has enabled ComReg to apply a consistent and harmonised set of rules to the electronic communications market in Ireland, which are based on the principles of technological neutrality, regulation only where necessary and the primacy of competition law. ComReg participates fully at a number of international fora. In particular ComReg is a member of BEREC (Board of European Regulators for Electronic Communications).

Further details on Comreg’s Strategy Statement 2017 – 2019 are available.