What we do

Role and Responsibilities

ComReg is the statutory body responsible for the regulation of the electronic communications sector (telecommunications, radio communications, broadcasting transmission and premium rate services) and the postal sector in Ireland.

We have a wide range of responsibilities in telecommunications (or electronic communications services and networks as it is more accurately described), posts and spectrum management. We operate under Irish and EU Legislation in these areas.

We are responsible for facilitating competition, for protecting consumers and for encouraging innovation. Our role involves dealing with complex issues of law, economics and technology, and ensuring that our decisions are taken fairly and are clearly explained. ComReg operates as a collegiate body, with decisions taken collectively by the Commissioners. We see this as important in fulfilling the spirit of the Communications Regulation Act, 2002 (as amended), which established the Commission.


In ComReg, all of our commissioners, directors and staff adhere to our Code of Business Conduct which sets our approach to responsible behaviour while working for ComReg.  ComReg also complies with the 2016 Code of Practice for the Governance of State Bodies.

ComReg, and its Commission, is committed to a zero tolerance position in relation to bribery, corruption or fraud.

A copy of ComReg’s anti-fraud policy is available here.

ComReg’s policy in relation and procedures in relation to gifts is set out in the Code of Business Conduct including Conflict of Interest


This video contains a short introduction to ComReg. Who we are and what we do.


Our Values

Our values are set out in our Strategy Statement.

In order to be an effective economic regulator, it is important that stakeholders have confidence that we discharge our functions independently, based on high quality evidence and analysis, that we are not biased towards any market participant and that we do not suffer from so-called “regulatory capture”. Our values enable stakeholders to have this confidence.

Graphic with the words "integrity, impartiality, effectiveness, excellence, transparency"