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How to Top-up a ‘Pay As You Go’ mobile phone account without leaving your home

We have a list of prepay mobile service providers in Ireland and all the ways you can top-up; online, within an app, by phone or text, through your bank (AIB only at present) or in a shop or post office.

Top-up online or in-app

You can top-up online by going to your mobile service provider’s website, inputting your mobile number and credit/debit card details, and then selecting the relevant top-up amount.

With this option, you can also top-up someone else’s account or set up a recurring payment option (depending on your provider) that will automatically top-up your mobile credit by a desired amount.

For in-app top-ups, you must have a smartphone and download your mobile provider’s App from the App Store (for iPhone) or Google Play Store (for Android) and complete the in-app instructions.

Top-up by phone

Mobile service providers may provide an over-the-phone top-up. You will need to call the dedicated number and have your credit/debit card on hand.

Depending on your provider, you may be asked if you want to top-up your own number or someone else’s. You will then be asked how much you want to top-up before you provide any card or payment details.

Top-up by text

Mobile service providers may provide a text top-up option. You will need to register a credit/debit card with your mobile provider. See links in the table below to the mobile provider top-up pages for more information on how to do this.

ATM & Internet Banking top-up

AIB customers can top-up with some service providers through their AIB app as well as at any of their ATMs. To do so customers will either have to download the internet banking app or visit a dedicated AIB banking machine.

Top-up vouchers

You can buy pre-paid vouchers in some service provider stores, retail stores or from any An Post office. Follow the instructions on the voucher or in the table below to complete the top-up process.

We have also included information on how to check your credit balance and contact your service provider if you need further help, with links, in the table below:

How to Top-Up48An Post MobileeirLycamobileTesco MobileThreeVodafone
By WebsiteOnlineOnlineOnlineOnlineOnlineOnlineOnline
In-AppDownload My48 app Download Lyca Mobile appDownload My Tesco Mobile appDownload My3 appDownload My Vodafone app
By PhoneCall 1740Call 01 4372322 or 1923 from Lycamobile numberDial 1744 from Three numberCall 1741 and select option 2
By TextRegister payment card, text top-up amount to 1745 (e.g. 10 to top-up by €10) Register payment card, text TOPUP + top-up amount + last four numbers of registered card to 50100 (e.g. TOPUP 20 1234 to top-up by €20)Register payment card, text TOPUP + top-up amount + last 4 digits of registered card to 50277 (e.g. TOPUP 30 1234 to top-up by €30)
By BankAIB online banking or mobile appAIB online banking or mobile appAIB online banking or mobile appAIB online banking or mobile app
By VoucherBuy from retailer or post office. Dial 1747Buy from retailer or post office. Dial 1741 or text 50103Buy from retailer or post office. Dial 1747 or text *131*PIN#Buy in Tesco Store or from retailer that has payzone or postpoint. Dial 1740Buy in 3 Store or post office. Dial 1744 or text TOPUP + voucher code to 50272Buy in Vodafone store or from retailer or post office. Dial 1741
Credit BalanceDial *100#Dial *200# or 1747Dial *#100#Dial *131# or 1747Dial *100#Dial 1745Text BAL to 50233
Customer CareContactContactContactContactContactContactContact

(Information as of January 2024)

When to top-up

Many service providers will send you a reminder text message when your credit runs out and you must top-up to renew your benefits. Some service providers require you to top-up every 28 days while others ask you to do so every 30 days.

A recurring top-up can be a good option if you don’t want to worry about having to remember.

We also have more information you may find helpful:

  • You can visit our comparison tool to compare the cost of prepay and bill pay mobile plans.
  • See also our switching page for information about moving your service to a new provider.
  • If you are visiting another country, within or outside of the EU, you may incur some additional costs. We have a dedicated webpage with more information on roaming.


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