Single Information Point – BCRR

Overview of Broadband Cost Reduction Regulations

The European Union (Reduction of Cost of Deploying High-Speed Public Communications Networks) Regulations (S.I. No. 391 of 2016) (“Broadband Cost Reduction Regulations“) were published on 26 July 2016.

The primary purpose of the Broadband Cost Reduction Regulations is to put in place a framework of rights and obligations aimed at facilitating and reducing the cost of deploying high-speed public communications networks ultimately to the benefit of businesses and consumers.

ComReg’s functions under the Broadband Cost Reduction Regulations are as follows:

1. Ensuring compliance with these Broadband Cost Reduction Regulations.

2. Act as the National dispute settlement body in the event of disputes arising between network operators in relation to the Regulations.

3. To act as a “Single Information Point” to facilitate access to information regarding statutory permits for civil works required to develop elements of a high-speed public communications networks.

Broadband Cost Reduction Regulations
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