Single Information Point (SIP)

Regulation 10(1) of the Broadband Cost Reduction Regulations sets out the functions of the Commission for Communications Regulation (“ComReg”). These include the function of acting as a Single Information Point (“SIP”) as set out at Regulation 10(1)(c):

c) the functions of the single information point “…“ regarding access to information provided to the single information point by network operators and to facilitate access via a single information point to information regarding statutory permits for civil works required to develop elements of a highspeed electronic communications network including, where appropriate, exempted development provisions and the conditions and procedures applicable to granting a statutory permit.

The SIP will facilitate access to relevant information regarding:

i. permits, licenses or consents for civil works required to develop elements of a high-speed electronic communications network; and

ii. the procedures applicable to granting permits, licenses or consents.

Information provided to ComReg which is within the scope of the SIP (i.e. regarding permits for civil works or information regarding civil works) may be made available subject to a request.


Single Information Point