PRS Compliance Investigations

One of ComReg’s functions is to carry out investigations into matters relating to the provision, content and promotion of premium rate services (“PRS”) in order to fulfil its obligation of protecting the interests of end-users of PRS.

In accordance with the provisions of Section 6 of the Communications Regulation (Premium Rate Services and Electronic Communications Infrastructure) Act, 2010, (“the PRS Act of 2010”), any person who intends to provide a PRS must submit a licence application to ComReg beforehand. It is also an offence under Section 12 of the PRS Act to provide a PRS without holding the necessary licence.

Licensed PRS providers are required to comply with conditions attached to their licences, including the requirement to comply with the Code of Practice (“Code”).

In accordance with Section 9 of the PRS Act, 2010, following an investigation, where ComReg concludes that a PRS provider has not complied with or has breached a condition of their licence, ComReg may publish, in such manner as it thinks fit, any notification of a finding of non-compliance. ComReg has published an Information Notice (ComReg 12/12R) in relation to this.

You can find out about instances where ComReg has found that a PRS provider did not hold the necessary PRS licence or has made a finding that a PRS provider has not complied with or has breached a condition of its licence in our Enforcement Section. ComReg will continue to monitor and investigate the provision, content and promotion of PRS and may make further findings in respect of any PRS, as appropriate.

You can view Incidences of Non-Compliance in our Enforcement section.