Legal Framework

Our remit to regulate the postal sector comes directly from legislation, in particular from the Communications Regulation (Postal Services) Act 2011 (“2011 Act”), which transposed the European Postal Services Directive (97/67/EC) which established a regulatory framework for European postal services, into national law.

There are three categories of postal services which are subject to regulation under the 2011 Act.

  1. Universal postal service – as defined by the Postal Act and ComReg regulation, which must be provided exclusively by An Post for the period to 2023 – Read More;
  2. Postal services which fall within the scope of the universal postal service – they meet any one of the three criteria set out in section 37(1) of the Postal Act and by reference to ComReg’s guidelines; and
  3. Postal services (Other) – a residual category comprising postal services that are not part of the previous two categories.

Some of the key pieces of legislation relevant to ComReg’s legislative remit for the postal sector are listed below. Click on any of these to be taken to that piece of legislation.

Communications Regulation Act, 2002Primary Legislation
Communications Regulation (Postal Services) Act, 2011Primary Legislation
Regulation 2018/644 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 18 April 2018EU Regulation
Postal Services Directive 97/67/EC, as amended (Consolidated)EU Directive (Consolidated)
Postal Services Directive 97/67/ECEU Directive
2nd Postal Services Directive 2002/39/EC EU Directive
3rd Postal Services Directive 2008/6/ECEU Directive
S.I. No. 534 of 2018 - Communications Regulation (Universal Postal Service) (Amendment) (No.2) Regulations 2018Statutory Instrument
S.I. No. 149/2019 - Communications Regulation (Universal Postal Service) (Amendment) Regulations 2019Statutory Instrument
S.I. No. 150/2019 - Communications Regulation (Universal Postal Services) Order 2019Statutory Instrument
S.I. No. 280/2012 - Communications Regulation (Universal Postal Service) Regulations 2012Statutory Instrument