Licensing Statistics

The statistics shown on this page are taken from ComReg’s licensing database valid to the end of ComReg’s financial year 30 June 2017.

No. of Live Licences

Licence Type30th June '1630th June '17Year on Year Change
Liberalised Use440
Aircraft Radio14741636162
Business Radio101510161
Community Repeaters1110-1
Air Traffic Services50511
Maritime Services65661
AIS (Automatic Identification Systems)660
Radio Location330
Radio Navigation18180
Radio Amateurs1801183635
National Telemetry330
National Point-to-Point Block Licences - 26 Ghz440
Mobile Radio (Local Area)16226
Paging (Local Area)1301322
Radio Links - Point to Multipoint1181180
Radio Links -Point-to-Point122381233698
Satellite Radio71754
Temporary Business Radio49534
Tetra Emergency Services110
Third Party Business Radio42420
Wireless Access Platform for Electronic Communication Services (WAPECS)110
Wireless Public Address System8170-11
Wireless Test13163
Wireless Trial363
Total Number of Licences1816218561399


Number of New/Amended Licences Issued

Licence Type30th June '1630th June '17Year on Year Change
Aircraft Radio271250-21
Business Radio2662748
Community Repeaters10-1
Air Traffic Services110
Maritime Services21-1
AIS (Automatic Identification Systems)10-1
Radio Amateurs9479-15
Mobile Radio (Local Area)583
Paging (Local Area)42-2
Radio Links -Point-to-Point25902590
Satellite Radio4424-20
Temporary Business Radio443408-35
Third Party Business Radio393-36
Wireless Public Address System20-2
Wireless Test1514-1
Wireles Trial341
Broadcast Licences99252153
Total No. Radio Licences Issued124737682521