Learning and Development

Our HR philosophy is to:

‘Foster excellence through the collaborative delivery of a strategic HR service that enables people to reach their potential and supports the organisation in responding to the evolving regulatory environment’.

We recognise that the skills, knowledge and expertise of those who work at ComReg are central to our success. Through our investment in development, we continually try to ensure that all of our employees are supported in achieving their potential and delivering organisational goals.

ComReg operates in a dynamic environment where a strong culture of delivery prevails. As a multi-skilled, team-based organisation, we encourage staff to continuously develop and update their skills and qualifications to enable us to remain an agile organisation. In order to ensure that we deliver on our ambitious 5-year strategy, we aim to maintain an engaged resource pool equipped with relevant and up-to date skill sets.

Here are some of the ways in which our dedicated Learning and Development team support our staff:


Mentoring Programme

We offer all staff the opportunity to be mentored as part of a structured programme. Mentees can select their own mentor. Full training is provided for the mentee and new mentors, with on-going support.

Classroom training to support professional and personal development

At our offices in One Dockland Central, we run a varied selection of bespoke training programmes such as mediation, writing skills, speed reading, telecoms training etc

Induction Programme

Our recently updated two day programme gives an overview of the organisation, with a focus on structure, culture, history, codes of conduct, policies etc.

EU Telecoms Masterclasses

Using real-life examples and case studies from the European Union, this training gives a comprehensive overview of regulatory issues and developments in the telecommunications sector.

Focused on-the-job training and support

Through our on boarding process, graduate programme and performance management process.

Supportive Competency framework

A new Competency framework has been recently launched and is the library that holds and organises the descriptions of behaviours applicable at all levels for all roles. We use this framework in our recruitment process.

Educational Assistance support

We value the commitment that our staff make in undertaking educational training. The time and energy invested are significant and we are supportive by way of study/exam leave, assistance with course fees, provision of access to various library service, text books, journals, online materials etc, through recognised organisations such as Cullen International, Trinity College and the IMI. Recent examples of academic studies completed by staff include; Post Graduate Diploma in European Competition Law, Diploma in Regulatory Governance.

Through our targeted learning and development plan, we encourage those who work at ComReg to enhance their expertise. We believe this will empower them to fulfil the requirements of their current role and prepare for future challenges and opportunities.