Team members are encouraged to work with autonomy and have a sense of ownership.

Pedro, Pricing Models Manager

Wholesale Division

I am the Pricing Models Manager in the Wholesale Division.  I joined the organisation in 2018. I have worked in telecoms regulation since 2005, covering a range of areas.

The mission of the Wholesale Division is to ensure the telecommunications market is as competitive as possible to the benefit of end users. I manage 3 people, each team member is assigned a ‘focus’ area, but we aim to work collaboratively across projects.

Team members are encouraged to work with autonomy and have a sense of ownership.

Generally, my role involves drafting consultations or decision documents, and managing progress on project deliverables involving coordination with consultants and external data providers. I love the autonomy I have; how relevant the work is and the interaction across the European regulatory context. There is also a high level of attention to detail required, as well as a need to understand, distil and communicate complex matters simply.

I have had abundant opportunity to develop professionally in ComReg.

I have exposure to challenging projects, along with lots of autonomy and ownership. A key achievement was the development of cost methodologies and regulated prices for a wide range of services.

ComReg supports employees through continuous education, training, presentations, and courses. This includes technology, industry developments, European regulation and legislation, regulatory economics, artificial intelligence, and internet regulation. My role has provided me with the opportunity to refine and develop my competencies and personal skills. I would highly recommend working in ComReg because of these opportunities.

ComReg has a collegial, evidence and knowledge based, non-hierarchical culture, with great working conditions and facilities, and a wealth of engineering, legal, economics, accounting expertise.