Renu, IT Data Analyst

I have worked on several key projects around the organisation which I am extremely proud of

Renu, IT Data Analyst

Corporate Services Division

I work on the IT team as a Data Analyst within the Corporate Services Division. I hold a degree in Computers and have more than 15 years’ experience across industries like telecoms, sales, and banking.

The IT team is part of the wider division alongside the Finance, HR, and Public Affairs teams. We are a multidisciplinary and collaborative division, and our goal is to support the organisation and to enhance organisational performance and effectiveness.

A key focus of my role is leading data mapping exercises to understand business needs. I manage a range of reports and dashboards across the divisions, which help managers analyse data and make decisions. I find my role rewarding, and I enjoy understanding how data is gathered from different sources, the need for data, and helping users understand how they can interpret data in various ways using tools to help them make conclusions. I’ve had the opportunity to get involved in key strategic finance projects and I’m an active member of the Data Governance Committee.

ComReg supports employees by encouraging them to continuously improve themselves and I’ve had the opportunity to develop my technical expertise and grow my responsibilities.

I have worked on several key projects around the organisation which I am extremely proud of.

ComReg has a very open culture and welcomes all, and there is respect for everyone’s opinions and ideas. My colleagues are friendly and there are regular social opportunities which help everyone connect. I find that ComReg has a great view towards work-life balance and my team and manager understand each other’s needs. Flexible schedules, and training and professional development make ComReg a great place to work.  I would highly recommend it.