Sharon, Compliance Manager

The culture within ComReg is one of integrity, openness, and accountability.

Sharon, Compliance Manager

Wholesale Division

Sharon, Compliance Manager

I am a Compliance Manager within the Wholesale Division of ComReg having joined the organisation in January 2020.

Wholesale Compliance has responsibility for ensuring market regulations are being met and our investigation and monitoring activities are supported by enforcement. We investigate regulated entities and/or individuals who do not meet the expected standards of behaviour. Investigations routinely undertake data gathering, data mining, on-site inspections, and investigative interviewing. We work closely together to understand very complex issues of law, and technology with the goal of delivering effective and impartial investigations and enforcement actions. The team comprises of several Compliance Analysts each leading a multi-disciplinary project team.

I am responsible for managing a program of compliance investigations and monitoring activities and I also contribute to operational planning and internal controls, while providing guidance and support to my team.

ComReg is a very professional workplace. I have been afforded an opportunity to work alongside a dedicated team of people with diverse backgrounds and skillsets.

Teamwork plays a vital role within ComReg and having the opportunity to learn from my colleagues and being part of a team that delivers successful projects is very rewarding. I have learned the most from on-the-job activities and shadowing my fellow colleagues.

Regular in-house training, e-learning courses, on boarding and interactive induction courses are provided and continuous professional development is encouraged. ComReg supports its staff through meaningful staff engagements, promoting health and wellbeing and I have had great support from my colleagues.

I would describe the culture within ComReg as one of integrity, openness, and accountability. We support and engage with stakeholders and each other with respect, courtesy and professionalism while encouraging innovation and embracing individuality.

Throughout my time in ComReg, I have been lucky to have an interesting, challenging, and varied role, and I have benefited from the support, guidance, and friendship of some wonderful colleagues. It’s a great feeling to know that the work I am doing within ComReg has such a positive effect on the telecommunications sector and society.